Application Gateway Ingress Controller For AKS

Application Gateway Ingress Controller For AKS

Recently I ran into an interesting issue with an AKS cluster running 2000+ services. There is nothing wrong in running 2000+ services that’s what Kubernetes is there for, scale! but the interesting aspect that caught my attention was trying to get the Applicaiton Gateway Ingress Controller (AGIC) to ingress to all these services. I had worked with Istio and NGINX for ingress into AKS with no issues and never AGIC, so I had to try this to see where it worked well, what the advantages are and where the limitations are.

Application Gateway

Application Gateway (App Gateway) is a well-established layer 7 service that has been around for a while, some of the major features are:

  • URL routing
  • Cookie-based affinity
  • SSL termination
  • End-to-end SSL
  • Support for public, private, and hybrid web sites
  • Integrated web application firewall
  • Zone redundancy
  • Connection draining

This post isn’t focused on the App Gateway itself, it’s more about how and what it can do as an ingress controller for AKS. You can find out more about App Gateway and all abouts its features here

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